Printing Tips

The quality of printing will depend on the standard of printer you have, however most modern desktop printers are of a very high quality, and taking a little time to set-up the printer correctly and using the correct paper will ensure the best results.

As different printers have different set-up techniques it would be impossible for us to give instructions for each printer type. Therefore we will give some general tips which, when used in conjunction with your printer manual will get the best from your printer.

Paper The main consideration initially is the paper quality, a high resolution matt or gloss paper with the heaviest weight your printer can accommodate should be used. See the Links page for suppliers or visit your local stockist for advice.

The Acrobat PDF File The Acrobat Reader PDF file can be printed from the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader (follow the link on the left). The file itself will have the invitation repeated four times on an A4 page.

Printing Some printers can print edge to edge, this option should be selected if you have it. If not the 'fit-to-page' option should be selected in the print dialogue box, so that no areas of the invitations are cropped off. You should also select the correct orientation (portrait or landscape), the 'Media Type' should be set to relevant paper quality (i.e. 'high resolution paper' or 'glossy photo paper') and the print quality should be set as 'high'.

Finishing The final stage is to trim down the invitations, if your printer does not print edge to edge and you have selected the 'fit-to-page' option, you will have a white border around the page which should be trimmed off.