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The origins of Halloween date back 2000 years to the times of the Celts who lived around the British Isles and Northern France. 1st November was their new year, the end of the summer after the harvest had been collected. The night before was their Samhain festival when they believed the worlds of the living and the dead were closest and the dead could return to earth. On the night of 31st October the Druids lit huge bonfires where people offered crops and animals as sacrificial offering to the Celtic deities.

During the Roman occupation the festival of Samhain merged with the Roman festivals of Feralia which celebrated the passing of he dead and Pomona who was a Roman goddess of fruit and trees. Going into the Middle Ages when Christianity had spread into this area, the church attempted to replace the old traditional festivals with religious celebrations. The term Halloween is derived from "All Hallows' Eve" the eve of All Hallows’ Day, which is also known today as All Saints Day. All Saints Day was celebrated on 13th May until Popes Gregory III and IV moved it to 1st November.

The pumpkin has become one of the main symbols of Halloween, back in Celtic times a skeleton or carved turnip would be placed on a window sill to ward off spirits. The use of pumpkins comes from North America where they are more readily available and are easier to carve. They were originally associated with the harvest time not becoming associated with Halloween until the mid to late 19th Century.

Trick or Treat
Another import from North America is the term "Trick or Treating" where children dress up in costumes and go from door to door asking for treats, usually confectionery. The trick is an idle threat to perform some of mischief on the owners property if no treat is forthcoming. However the tradition itself dates back to Britain and Ireland when young poor children would go from door to door singing and saying prayers for the dead in return for food. The modern form of trick or treating has now spread to countries all over the world.

Parties and Games
Parties are a common way of celebrating Halloween these days. There are various games and activities associated these parties, such as apple bobbing where participants must pick floating apples from a basin using only their teeth. This game could date back to Roman festival of Pomona, the symbol for which was the apple. It is said that if unmarried women look into a mirror in a darkened room on Halloween then they will see their future husband, however, if they are to remain unmarried then a skull will appear.

Foods associated with Halloween include; toffee apples or candy apples, apple cider, bonfire toffee, popcorn, baked potatoes and pumpkin pie.